Vanessa Vanny, who stood up city tycoon Lwasa and left him stranded on their alleged kwanjula has come out to taunt lwasa more as she has said she last fell in love six years ago, a statement she may have made to get back at Emmanuel Lwasa, who has been calling her a witch ever since she refused to get hitched to him.

Vanessa, who over the weekend assured Lwasa that he won’t be visiting her parents soon, said during an interview with Sanyuka TV that the last time she was in love was 6 years ago and never again has she experienced it. The cancellation of the traditional function shocked the loudmouthed cassanova tycoon who for months had been in a media bonanza announcing how he plans to throw a wedding for his new catch on October 29.

Because of her revelation, it has been noted that even during the time she was with singer John Black she clearly had no interest in him whatsoever since she was with him less than 6 years ago. When asked to clarify whether she did love John Black, she only mentioned that she is stuck to her statement that her last real love was 6 years ago.

Even singer Ziza Bafana came out to mention recently that Vanessa is no easy woman as she is totally spoilt and money hungry and she would do anything for money. Ziza told lwasa to stop making poor choices in accordance to marriage partners because young girls would never be attracted to older women.

Lwasa is an old man, he should act his age. With such men, women just want money from them because there is no way a young woman will lust for an old man. They are justattracted to what they have. Young girls want fellow young men


Vanessa vanny was also asked about the huge amoun of money she was given to prepare for her function by Lwasa and she mentioned that he is only a liar who gave her 2 million which could not even get anything done yet he kept on boasting that he had given her a lot of money

Leticia Nambaziira

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