An upcoming artist who is known by the name of Alien Skin (real name Patrick Mulwana), with songs like Tonkaka Twaze Kuzina and Private Part,has vome out to say that singer Grenade Official is nothing but a scammer and song stealer.

He has particularly warned Grenade to stop stealing his productions as he accused him that he copied the beats of his two songs to come up with his Babandana song, which has become the Nation’s favorite song, playing on all platforms.

Skin warned that if Grenade continues with the habit, he will face the full force of the law as he is not going to just sit back and let Grenade steal his music yet he has fans who would love to hear him sing those songs.

In return, Grenade laughed out loud at the accusation, saying it is simply pointless because Alien skin is only looking for fame. Grenade further said he can’t steal a song feom a person he knows nothing about because personally, he doesn’t even know who Alien Skin is.

That guy is just looking for audience. I don’t even know him. Who is he?


Whether Skin will be bold enough to keep the accusations going or he will take the backlash as a cue to leave Grenade alone still remains a mystery.

Leticia Nambaziira


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