Musician Pia pounds has come out to confess that has been avoiding the spotlight for a couple of months, ever since she made her break through with the song Tupaate and this she says was because she had lost her tooth in a boda accident.

According to Pia Pounds , she was not confident enough to come out and face her fans or even interviewers for that matter. Pia mentions that she always avoided the camera for fear of shame and that is why she never did any interviews since she lacked the confidence to do so.

I wasn’t confident to come out before my fans. I found it hard to step on stage or appear for interviews

Pia Pounds

Pia went on to say that she had a denture but the issue with it was that it kept falling out of her mouth so she was sure it would only bring her Shane and to her fans, disappointment.

Pia then mentioned that She was to return to the music scene with full force because she used all the money she had on her for the dental surgery so she was clearly broke and the only way she is meant to survive is to do more and more music relentlessly.

I had a denture which kept falling off so I decided to go for a surgery in Kenya. The surgery was very expensive. It cost me a lot of my money. I literally spent every shilling on me. All the money I made from the song Tupaate has gone towards getting me a new tooth


She has joined the Swangz Avenue artiste Azawi who did the same dental surgery for her front teeth after her break through song, Quinamino.

Leticia Nambaziira

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