Lwasa who had prepared his family members to travel to Mpambire – Mpigi district for an introduction, suffered a shock of his life when his best man told him that there was no function. Lwasa had already sensed the danger after he called Vanessa and she told him that she had used the money he had sent her to buh items.

while Lwasa wracked his brains in a

bid to avoid humiliation, Lwasa came up with a solution where he bought other items only for the best man to call Vanessa and told them that her family postponed the function after the Masaka tycoon accused her of secretly seeing his driver.

Lwasa with dumper Vanessa Vanny

Lwasa suffered a humiliation in front of his relatives and media personalities who had turned up to go and cover the function.

However, he vowed to get another babe and marry at any cost. Barely two weeks, Lwasa has landed another babe. He has been seen parading an older babe, unlike his usual taste for young and juicy belles. At functions, he has been seen around with her but she looks happier to be with her than he seens to do with her.

Lwasa had earlier on mentioned that he hired a Pastor to help him search for a new wife as he needs God’s intervention since he is tired of always landing on the wrong people and making terrible decisions. Unlike the young slay queens he has been dating, this time around, Lwasa went in for an old babe.

Lwasa with wife Angel

He however has not formally told us who the new machine gun is. Congratulations to you though Lwasa

Leticia Nambaziira

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