Scandalous glamour gal Vanessa Vanny seems to be highly enjoying the spotlight of recent because she seems to want to be in the news for even the smallest and slightest reasons there could ever be.

After having eloped from City tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel who claims Vanessa left with Millions of money he had given her to prepare their traditional ceremony, she later returned to mention that she was not ready to get married to an old cassanova like Lwasa.

Vanessa now claims that John Blaq has failed to move on a year after the two broke up. Speaking in an interview with local television, Vanessa explained John Blaq continues to call her begging for a second chance. She also mentioned that he has sent several people to talk to her about rekindling the relationship.

I dumped him because he used to sleep around with several girls. I caught him with another woman inside the house. He continues to call my phone but I moved on, he even sent his friends to talk to me about the relationship but I ignored them


It should be recalled that Vanessa allegedly whispered i to Lwasa’s ear that Ziza Bafana, the father to her child was a deadbeat father who never even showed responsibilty for his kid, callimg him useless.

Leticia Nambaziira

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