TV presenter and social media influencer Sheila Gashumba has revealed that despite the ongoing rumors that are labelling her pregnant, she is not pregnant for hubby Rickman Manrick and she doesn’t see herself getting pregnant any time soon.

According to Sheilah, she’s still young to add another member to her family as this would burden her. Despite having the financial ability to raise a child right, Sheila still feels she herself is a baby hence she is incapable of raiding another baby all together.

The NBS After 5 presenter also added that her schedule is so tight and hectic. She therefore wouldn’t want to be stressed over a third member of the family although she has the means to look after the baby.

Imagine your leaving a club in the wee hours of the morning or you have taken a flight to Paris with a baby but then you have to take stops. I do have the money but my schedule is so tight to afford a baby. Buying pampers and then being stressed, no way,

Sheila Gashumba

According to Sheila, her line of work needs her to focus and she will only think of child birth later in her free time because it is still hustle time. She mentioned that Netizens and social media inlaws are being confused by the fact that she is good at showing affection in public does not mean she is ready to bear children.

I might be showing that other side of me doing all the public display of affection things but I don’t have any relationship with being pregnant. I can’t add a third person right now and besides, I’m still young

Sheila Gashumba

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