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Sheebah breaks silence and trashes rumors that she is chewing King Saha

The two artistes, king Saha and Sheebah Karungi have had more collaborations during the recent months and even during the time when King Saha decided to contest as Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president, Sheebah was all there for him Sheebah stood up for him when most betizens said he could not be the UMA President and she branded him very capable of leadership.

After praising singer King Saha a little too much, netizens were in a rush as they hurriedly alleged that the self proclaimed ‘NnakyeyombekeddeSheebah Kalungi might be sharing a bed with the fellow singer.

However, while speaking to journalists, the former Team No Sleep star revealed that King Saha is just her best friend. According to Sheebah she has never met a genuine person like King Saha because in good and bad he has always been there for her like a friend and a more like a brother.

Sheebah mentioned that everyone was free to think whatever they wanted, after all she did not carry their brains around for them. She mentioned that despite all the talk and rumors, she would never lose her friendship with Saha for anything in the world.

King Saha is my best friend and no one will ever take it away from us. I have known Saha for a long time and I have never met someone genuine like him. This music industry is full of pretence and I have met so many people but King Saha is different

Sheebah Karungi

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