To everyone that once thought that rapper Victor Kamenyo was dumped for being a two timer or a play boy, here is an exclusive for you .

Ruth Akoragye Angora, who has been hooked to Kamenyo for quite some time has revealed that she never left rapper Victor Kamenyo because he cheated on her.

When Ruth was seen having a heated exchange with her then hubby and sumbie chewer Kamenyo, there was a suspicion that she was leaving him because she had found flirty messages in his phone and she had decided to walk away, leaving him with shattered pieces of his heart and his phone of course.

Ruth Akoragye

According to her, however, cheating is normal behaviour in men, so that’s not something that would motivate her to leave a relationship.She went ahead and said they both know what happened but they have decided to keep it away from the public for their own safety.

In interviews, Kamenyo has offered two reasons she left, one, that she saw him flirting with another woman on phone, and two, that he had refused to show her off in public, which made her believe he was cheating. He too seemed like he was quite unsure of the reason for her departure.

People know a little about it and that’s what they are supposed to know because it was between me and Kamenyo. Most people know that he cheated, which is not good, but it’s normal for men to cheat, so it wouldn’t have been an issue.That’s why I’ve been telling most people that he knows what he did. Most people don’t know what happened. They only know what we wanted them to know


When asked whether she would be able to forgive his past deeds and go back to her hubby, she mentioned that she was not about to let out such secrets between her and hubby but she would let time handle all this and see how it all goes.

We now we talk as friends, that’s why I can’t say bad things about him, and I hope he also can’t say bad things about me… Maybe we may get back on good terms, or we may not, but we remain with no grievances… We are old people, everything will be addressed with time


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