Former Team Good Music singer Joan Namugerwa alias Jowy Landa has for some time now been rumored to be dating his manager Roger Kitaka, better known as DJ Roja.

The rumors began swirling around the media the day DJ Roja went public to reveal that he is Jowy Landa’s manager and among the individuals who sparked the rumors is NBS TV’s UnCut host Zahara Toto. Zahara Toto made the claims based on the history she knows of Ugandan talent managers who manage female musicians.

Most of them are usually accused of sleeping with the artists they manage and when DJ Roja disclosed that he manages Jowy Landa, Zahara Toto was quick to point to that direction.

When the rumors went viral, Jowy Landa denied the accusations and made it clear that she is not dating or in any relationship with DJ Roja.While appearing on NTV TheBeat show, Jowy Landa furthermore maintained that she is still single.

She added that she is focusing on her music career and does not want to get into a relationship since men could ruin her music career.

Men are always there harassing us but I am still single. These men can spoil our careers.

Jowy Landa

Leticia Nambaziira

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