Singer Eddy Yawe has sworn on his life that he will personally deal with fellow singer who is known as Sumaya Sheebah and he is accusing her of defamation( spreading falsehood against his name inorder to tarnish his reputation)

Yawe’s anger is fueled by the most recent claims by this Denmark based singer, Sumaya Sheeba who claimed he dared to pressure her and ask her for love after they recorded a song together, something she considered highly unprofessional.

In September , Sumayah Sheeba said that they did a song together in Denmark with Eddy Yawe and she footed all the bills. To her disappointment however, when Yawe came to Uganda to record the song, she cleared all the bills but he refused to release the song.

Yawe was so unprofessional. We did the song together and i paid for everything. I was shocked when he gave the song out to someone else yet i invested in it


She also claims Yawe acted unprofessionally when he asked her for love, only for her to give him a cold shoulder, something that he did not take too well. Eddy Yawe on the other had has denied all these claims, mentioning that this is not the first time he is recording a song with a female musician but none has ever accused him of such indescent behavior.

I have recorded many songs with female artistes. How come those complaints have never come up? I will not take lightly to someone trying to tarnish my name,


Leticia Nambaziira

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