Hell broke loose at the funeral of Jakana Nadduli, the son of Abdul Nadduli in Kadunda village in Kapeeka sub-county in Nakaseke district when the death of the young son of Nadduli was entirely blamed on the Government.

Trouble started after the opposition party, National Unity Party supporters stormed the funeral armed with placards containing photos and names of missing persons in protest against the ongoing abduction of their colleagues.

The situation further turned worse when Kiryandongo deputy Resident District Commissioner Henry Ssebunya who was serving as the master of ceremonies attempted to block some NUP legislators and their secretary general, Lewis Rubongoya from addressing the mourners.

NRM supporters led by a youth joined the RDC and started roughing up the NUP supporters forcing other mourners to flee into banana and coffee plants to avoid the chaos. Sheikh Ramadhan Mulindwa, the Kadhi of Luwero district took over the microphone but he couldn’t proceed because of the tension prompting Nakaseke district police commander, Ben Nuwamanya and his team to take over the funeral to restore calm.

In the process, Jakana’s father, Abdul Nadduli lost his phone in the fracas and was evacuated by his bodyguards for his own safety. Jakana Nadduli’s death comes a few weeks after his release from remand in prison. He was locked up for allegedly promoting sectarianism against the Banyakole and Banyakole on social media, a claim he dismissed.

His father, Nadduli, the former Luwero LC V chairperson and former minister has blamed the death of his son on his arrest shortly after undergoing an operation at Nsambya hospital following a nasty accident.

Nadduli told journalists that his son complained of torture while in detention despite the fact that he was recuperating from the surgery. Jakana’s wife, Aaliyah Kyagaba also said the same, that her husband had been complaining of severe stomach pain resulting from the kicking during detention.

Leticia Nambaziira

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