Born on 4th November 1984, Maurice Kirya has been such a great addition to the entertainment industry since he joined several years ago. His soulful music leaves many ears ringing and his good looks do not make matters any better as he leaves women salivating in awe and admiration.

His uniqueness does not only end in the lyrics he creates but also in his lifestyle as he has evolved smoothly over the years, without anything like scandals in his career.

His latest revelation about the plans he has for his next birthday, however, could be way over the top for an ordinary Ugandan as it will be a birthday party held by naked ladies and gentlemen.

Early next month, Maurice Kirya plans to hold his birthday party at which attendees will not be allowed to carry phones or even wear clothes to the venue. He clearly stated that no phones or clothes shall be allowed into the ceremony grounds as that is his condition gor attendance.

As he edges closer to his 38th birthday, Kirya has revealed that clothes and phones will be unacceptable during his party. He mentioned he is yet to decide on the venue but one thing he is sure of is that he won’t need anyone in vlothes in attendance.

My birthday is coming up on the 4th November, I am yet to decide where to put the party, no phones or anything will be allowed into the party, no clothes either, birthday suit things. Everything will be available onsite

maurice kirya

The question of whether he is joking or not will be answered in a few weeks to come as we draw closer to his function but if indeed it be true, that will be a birthday to remember.

Leticia Nambaziira

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