Dancehall artiste Rabadaba is in the spotlight for allegedly cheating on his wife, Nnalongo Maggie after one and a half years in marriage. Their recent split is apparently due to Rabadaba’s infidelity and Magie was left in tears after the revelation.

After the pair went to church and held a wedding, Rabadaba moved to stay with Maggie in the U.K since they had legalized their relationship but Maggie revealed recently that he only used her to get a ticket to the U.K but later dumped her. According to Maggie, she réaliséd a pattern of changes in his behavior once they landed in the UK and this is when she réaliséd she was just being used as a stepping stone for citizenship.

Word on the street is that Rabadaba has rekindled her relationship with her baby mama, Sheila Ferguson who also lives in the U.K. It is alleged that he begun seeing Sheila a few days after he relocated to the UK with his then wife Maggie.

The two share two children and it is more likely that they can easily get back together and rebuild their family. A source says Rabadaba started seeing Ferguson once he landed in the UK, one thing led to another, and they are now a couple.

Although Maggie threatens to have Rabadaba deported, the singer is confident that his ties to Ferguson who has citizenship will save him. It clearly seems that Rabadaba is only dating for convinjence and has no actual tie to any of these women.

Leticia Nambaziira

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