Geosteady has been in the music industry for more than five years and he has been in different scandals of family and music. The biggest scandal of all time was a family scandal that involved his children, his baby mama Prima Kardash and also a radio presenter known as Mr. Henrie.

Geosteady made headlines when he broke up with his baby mama Prima Kardashi and abandoned his children not paying any bills for them, making them run to Mr. Henrie to seek comfort and solace.

We all want to appear in the media and be famous, but am sure we all want to be famous for the right reasons. Unfortunately for Geosteady, he is back at trending in the media but for the wro g reasons once again.

Yesterday, a promoter accused Geosteady of running away with his money and refusing to come and perform at the concert where he was already paid to perform. According to this Promoter, a lot of property was destroyed when Geosteady didn’t show up because fans felt like they were fooled and decided to protest.

Now the promoter made up his mind and took Geosteady to courts of law to pay back the money he was given and also pay for the destroyed property since it was his fault everything fell apart in the first place.

I am the promoter who paid Geosteady to come and sing at my concert but he didn’t show up. Fans destroyed a lot of property and now I have taken him to courts of law to pay for everything and give me back the money I had paid him

The promoter.

Leticia Nambaziira

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