It seems like there is now no way to rekindle the flames between ex lovers Ruth Akoragye and victor kamenyo.

Ruth Akoragye Angora, the ex-girlfriend of rapper Victor Kamenyo, has described him as immature after he released a song in which he talks harshly about their breakup.

Kamenyo is a little baby. Appearance-wise, he is an old man. But he is a baby… I have given him two days to remove the song, or he changes it and removes my name


Since this sounded like a threat, she was asked what she was to do if he doesn’t remove her from the single titled Nakukyawa and she said he knows better than anyone what was to happen and if he keeps the song up he should wait foe the worst.

According to Akoragye, she no longer looks at Kamenyo as a lover but only as a musician who is trying to tarnish her name. She also went ahead to mention that kamenyo should admit that he failed to take care of her and just let her be before anything worse happens. She also mentioned that she regrets dating a man like him.

I know him as a musician now, and I regret meeting and dating him. If you cannot take care of someone, you leave them. Because there is a level he can afford. If he can’t manage me, it’s not a crime,


Leticia Nambaziira

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