On the event of celebrating her 29th birthday, city businesswoman Prima Kardashi cautioned netizens to stop attacking her bleached skin tone. Prima Kardashi, real name Prima Ndagire, is no stranger to controversy and in her latest public outburst, she decided to come out and give an earful to everyone who criticised her bleached skin.

Prima also went ahead to settle the age debate and talk about the lessons life has taught her. Prima proudly told everyone that she is 29 years old and she has no reason to lie about her age as she is proud of it.

I am 29 years old, why would I lie about my years? Why do people feel like I lie about my years? Why would I?


She also revealed that her life has faced lots of ups and downs but she has taken lessons from every heartbreak and disappointment. Prima mentioned that she has been through very many heartbreaks and hard lessons but she still wins.

Everything that has happened to me has been a lesson to me. I have learned a lot, different lessons since I turned 20 years old. Different lessons, different disappointments, different heartbreaks, different wins, everything


About dating different men, the self proclaimed Mama Lusaniya noted that she has to try different men until she lands on the perfect partner to become her soulmate. She said she loves men and can never stop dating simply because people are talking. Prima then asked whoever attacks her for bleaching her skin tone to stop because she does it willingly and it should not be a topic of discussion for critics.

It’s fine if someone bleaches. You with your natural looks, go ahead and do something good about it but dont make noise for every woman. We are suffering as a country because we have so many illiterate women who can access the internet. I’m tired of people being bitter but they will not depress me. We bleach by choice so you stay in your natural color, and be happy and contented. Don’t attack people that are bleached.

Prima Kardash

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