Everyone, man or woman is always left in awe of the beauty of the hot, bootilicious and dark skinned Bettina Tianah. If you are surely looking for natural beauty, look no further than Former NTV ‘Style Project’ presenter, Bettinah Tianah because she is the real deal.

In March, Bettinah Tianah left crowds in tears as she announced her resignation from NTV where was working for a long period of over four years. The international model confirmed the development on her social media channels and revealed that she was thinking about quitting for four months.

Since her quitting NTV, the black beauty decided to concentrate on her roles as influencer, content creator, model and CEO of BT Beauty Uganda. As a beautician, Bettinah has kept in shape, after all she leads by example.

Tianah hits gym almost everyday in order to work out and keep hot and fit. Recently, however, she posted a video hitting gym which left netizens in awe. Dressed in a matching grey legging and bra with a green sweater hanging on her shoulders, she walked in, her curves on display, leaving many men around her pocketing.

She then unslinged the green sweater and put it on her body but her curves were still out in the open for various eyes to feast on. As she did all the push ups and squats, the gentlemen around her were left in awe and so were those watching her posted video.

Leticia Nambaziira

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