Again, netizens have made a strong statement in SA-based Ugandan socialite and businesswoman Zari Hassan’s love life despite the fact that she made it clear that she does not want anyone getting involved in her relationship or giving her mindless advice about her love life.

It has been a couple of months since Zari made her relationship with Shakib Cham public and the two have been displaying Public Displays of Affection at any chance given, even Infront of the camera and media.

Their social media is evidence of their romance and passion for each other as it is filled with saucy and spicy hot photos of themselves, even in compromising positions and to top it all off, their bond seems so natural that it would make a single person want to fall in love the next minute.

It is no secret that zari changes boyfriends like pairs of shoes in her wardrobe. From kneeling down to serve tea to one man right into the bed of another in the next month,Zari has become a reknown play woman who dates as much as she wants.

She, however has been noticed to have a special kind of love for newest boy on the block, Shakib Cham but regardless of all that, netizens are not really convinced Shakib will be her last man despite having dated several men since parting ways with her late husband Ivan Semwanga.

They have humbly asked that she finally settles since she found a match that has seemed perfect for her thus far. Many tweeps as well as netizens have come out to warn her against roaming around, telling her it is high time she settled with the current man because even time is not on her side.

Zari, let Shakib be the last man in your life

A tweep

Zari has always maintained that love is free and she will never settle for less until she finds her perfect match regardless of how many times she has to try. According to netizens however, enough is enough!

Leticia Nambaziira

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