The newest gossip reports moving around reveal that singer Jamal Wasswa who is known for his famous song ‘abakyaka bazira‘ was poisoned during his recent visit to Sweden where he had gone to perform over the weekend.

Jamal is reported to have been discovered with a high temperature and later on he developed a fever, and a terrible running stomach. He was reportedly bedridden and he failed to make it to the venue where he was supposed to perform at the show he was booked.

A huge section of critics who are based in Sweden have trashed the poisoning rumors however, claiming that there is no such thing but rather alledge that Jamal Wasswa just made up the claims as he feared to perform for a small crowd especially after fellow musicians King Saha and Mary Bata had recorded overwhelming turn-ups elsewhere.

It is also reported that King Saha and Mary Bata received over 2000 fans, a number that the likes of Afrigo Band, Eddy Kenzo, and Jose Chameleone had never recorded despite their strong performances on all their recent shows in Sweden, yes they broke the record. The critics went ahead to claim that when Jamal arrived in Sweden, he was welcomed by his longtime and childhood friends “Boyz In September” who gave him shelter.

Eddy Messiah noted that Jamal Wasswa could have been food poisoned due to overeating, however. He mentioned that he could nor have been positioned because he was hosted by his close friend who had no motive to poison him in the first place.

King Saha and Mary Bata had between 2000 and 3000 fans. Jamal feared to perform claiming he was poisoned.He was welcomed by Boyz In September’s Kash Kash. He had a running stomach. He could have been food poisoned because of just eating anything that was at his disposal.

Eddy Messiah

Leticia Nambaziira

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