Firebase crew singer Zex Bilangilangi is at loggerheads with NTV presenter and singer Crysto Panda. The pair got into a bitter misunderstanding when Zex Bilangilangi failed to turn up to perform at school functions at Seeta High and St. Henry’s college that Crysto Panda had booked him to perform.

Crysto Panda narrates that Zex Bilangilangi had agreed to fill in for Fik Fameica who was to be absent from the performance and perform at Seeta High school but he pulled out after agreeing on a payment of Shs700,000 that he had already sent to his mobile money number.

Panda further notes that the excuse that Zex gave for not showing up was that he got caught up in traffic yet he gave him phone calls prior to the time he was supposed to perform inorder to ensure that he reaches early enough.

To Panda’s utter dismay, he narrates that Zex told him how he had to first have lunch with his father before setting off for the show at Seeta high since it was Eid day. Crysto Panda had to apologize to the students for Zex’s failure to turn-up early since schools close their events by 5 pm.

Panda then also went ahead and booked Zex to perform at St. Henry’s in Mukono but again, the latter failed to honor his request.The NTV presenter now wants Zex to apologize to the students for not showing up, something zex does not want to even hear about

When Zex was asked to give his side of the story, he claimed that Panda has to mature up and act like a responsible adult because he explained to him everything and the reasons why he could not make it to the performances. Zex was very surprised that Panda brought the issues to the public and went on to request Panda to organize another show to help clear his name and give a service for the money that was paid to him.

Crysto Panda is just still in this youthful thing of living life, a stage that I left long ago but he has to act mature. If he wants me, he can call me on another show among those he organizes in schools. The reason for our fallout was that I communicated to him that I wasn’t able to make it to school because I was caught up in heavy traffic yet time was running out.


Leticia Nambaziira

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