Over a month ago, famous Galaxy FM presenter, Dj Nimrod took to the media and made it a point to discredit many local musicians as he said they do not deserve to be called legends.

According to DJ Nimrod, the term legends is worth so much more that many people who use it to refer to themselves do not actually qualify to hold the title or rather, they do not deserve it. This did not go well with some people who took to social media to bash the Evening Rush co-presenter.

Many mentioned that he had no right to decide who qualified to be a legend and who did not simply because his status did not allow him to distinguish class from ordinary music. DJ Slick Stuart and Roja are not an exception when it comes to people who believe that DJ Nimrod should hide his head under a blanket.

When Dj Slick Stuart and Roja were asked if Dj Nimrod was a legend since he disproves many that deserve the status, they said he is still just a baby and is very far from the title himself. This was meant to tell him to get off his high horse and try to appreciate Ugandan music since that is the only way he will notice there are many legends.

He is still a baby, he is not a legend.” The duo mentioned

In retaliation, Dj Nimrod has claimed that the duo wants to remain relevant since they have a concert this Thursday at Kampala Serena Hotel. He mentioned that the fuss they are making is just to promote their concert by using his name.

They are trying to hype their show. It is okay to use my name,” he said

Leticia Nambaziira

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