Song plagiarism, in the past has been and even in the present still is the order of the day in the Ugandan music industry. It is a very common practice and unfortunately, many musicians are practicing it more often currently.

The most recent disagreement is between singers Green Daddy and Grenade Official who have have been at loggerheads ever since dropping their Nansanana and Babandana songs respectively not so long ago.

Despite dropping Nansanana before Grenade’s Babandana, Grenade claimed that Green Daddy’s Nansanana was just a social media challenge of his own song and Green Daddy was just doing the challenge to promote Grenade Official’s song Babandana after he had staked cash.

Through a statement, Green Daddy however mentioned that Grenade was only trying to cover his tracks since he had plagiarized his song . Green Daddy therefore asked for an apology because of plagiarism but the TNS singer Grenade was never prepared to apologize.

After Green daddy réaliséd he was not about to get the apology he so desired, he has now vowed to take legal action against Grenade Official, mentioning that he has already talked to his lawyers who are planning to involve the law to settle this matter once and for all since Grenade is not willing to admit to plagiarism and apologise.

“I have engaged my lawyers. I want to take him to court to have the matter settled,” said Green Daddy

Leticia Nambaziira

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