We all recall that singer Eddy Kenzo was dumped by fellow singer Rema Namakula and replaced immediately, something that hurt Eddy Kenzo to the point that he shed tears while recording a video, making netizens sympathize even more with his state.

Al these years later, it seems like he is now relieving all the pain and denying ever being hurt when the two went separate ways. Speaking out in an interview, Kenzo has said that he wasn’t heartbroken when he split with his baby mama Rema Namakula.

According to Kenzo, they sat down together and agreed on their breakup in good spirit and this was not the reason why he was wailing Infront of the camera on that fateful day everyone has in mind. Kenzo further disclosed they have any issue with each other but he was hurt most by the people who used their separation as an advantage to drag him down .

We agreed with Rema and decided to our relationship and I wasn’t hurt. She didn’t have any issues with me but personally I was hurt by the people who used it as an advantage to attack me.” He said

Eddy Kenzo mentioned that people may not know but this is yet the biggest battle he has ever fought and he shall never forget it as many people came out and tried to put him down because Rema had left him.

According to Kenzo, even the political battles he has fought were nothing related to how he had to pull himself together despite people taking advantage of his seperation to downplay him.

I think that’s the biggest fight I have ever fought but the political issues are just minor to me” Eddy Kenzo said in an interview.

Leticia Nambaziira

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