Singer Sheebah Karungi a.k.a Queen Karma has for the final time revealed that no one should expect her to get married. Everyone knows how Sheebah announced to the world that she is a ‘Nakyeyombekedde‘ (A woman who has no husband even when she ages).

The Nkwatako singer made it clear that she will not be adorning herself in a white gown, carrying a bouquet of flowers and saying ‘I do’. Sheebah however said that she will have kids, and many of them because she is capable of looking after them as she is a money maker.

Sheebah has however mentioned that no one should think of her getting married. She clearly said this in one of her various interviews. She said that not everyone that has children is married so that way she opts to be one of the unmarried mothers.

Sheebah added and said that when the right time comes, she will get the right man that will also be interested in having children but not married, and there they will have to live their life that way, with the only thing connecting them being the child and not a worthless piece of paper.

Sheebah says she loves this kind of life because she doesn’t want to be underrated by a man and that she hates disrespect which many married men are entitled to, and to them it is a kind of character, something she is not willing to deal with.

Leticia Nambaziira

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