Singer Namukwaya Hajjara also known as Spice Diana has revealed to the media that her father doesn’t owe her anything and she has revealed why she doesn’t consider her father so much in her life. Spice Diana is said to have been raised by a single mother after her father left them at a young age.

According to Spice Diana, her mother and stepfather struggled to raise her, pay for her school fees and those of her siblings because her biological father was nowhere to be seen as he never contributed even a single coin to her education and welfare.

Shockingly however, after becoming a celebrity, her father showed up and tried to build up the relationship but according to Spice Diana, it couldn’t work anymore because she was used to not having a father in her life.

In an interview with a local television, Spice Diana said people like her father who haven’t been in her life are not entitled to anything in her life.

“If you have not been in my life, you are not entitled to anything in my life. I do communicate with my father but the bond is not there,” Spice mentioned.

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