Yesterday, an audio of comedian Kafeero Innocent Tobby a.k.a Dr. T Amale regretting joining the NRM as he pleaded for help leaked on social media. Dr T Amale sent a voice note whilst regretting quitting NUP and joining the ruling party, NRM thinking he was going to get money.

He was pleading to an unknown person to bail him out with work so he can earn a living. Today, T Amale took to social media and pinned Julius Serwanjja aka Sabazonto of leaking this audio. He revealed that he sent the audio only to Sabazonto because he wanted money.

T Amale disclosed that a while ago, after he posted a video criticising NUP and Bobi Wine, the Bizonto pushed him out of their group arguing that their brand was headed for a massive fall since every

However, T Amale says he sat with Sabazonto and agreed the he stays as a director in Bizonto and has been receiving his 50% share every time the Bizonto works.

When he réaliséd he was nolonger getting his share of the money however, he decided to contact Sabazonto and ask for his money but instead Sabazonto decided to release his audio to the bloggers. A ranting T Amale said that since Sabazonto decided to humiliate him, he is going to expose their dir as he claims that the Bizonto don’t love NUP but lean on the party just for popularity.

Leticia Nambaziira

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