Musician Karole kasita has come out to confess that she surely has a man but unfortunately for lugambo mongers, she will never disclose who he is to anyone, not even once.

Karole Kasita has only been linked to rapper Fefe Busi romantically, most especially during the time the two had a collabo song. Many voice notes were leaked of the two holding phone conversations as they whispered their feelings for each other over the phone.

Of course they came out to deny the rumors, saying this was just a stunt to promote their collaboration and therefore the rumor somehow died down but there are still a few netizens holding onto it as they claim Fefe is the father of kasita’s child.

Well, when Karole Kasita showed her baby bump, Netizens were on fire as they asked who the father of the child could be. In response, Karole asked them what they would do next when they found out who the father is. Well, Karole has come out and vowed to never reveal her man. The diva intends to keep her relationship fully private.

Nobody will know my man. Love is private,” she said in an interview.

Leticia Nambaziira

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