Rapper Gravity Omutujju, who held a well-attended concert, took an aim at fellow singer Chameleon as he said that he had told Chameloene several times to endorse and promote his concert through his social media channels but he kept evading him.

Gravity later said that top musicians like Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine, and Chameloene himself refused to support him because they are scared of him and it is only because he is the greatest.

Days later, following negative feedback from the public, Gravity organised a press conference, saying his comments were being twisted and cried during the press conference, claiming people want to ruin his reputation and kill his source of income.

In a video seen recently, which was filmed while Chamelone was performing at an event, he used the opportunity to take aim at Omutujju as well. After he endorsed the Eddy Kenzo Festival, which is set for Saturday, November 12, he sent a clear message to Gravity that he only did things that made him happy and not things he was told to do.

I’m reminding you, my friends, this weekend on this very Saturday, we will be at the Eddy Kenzo Festival. We don’t want people that force us to do things we don’t want to do,” Chameleone said.

He also mentioned that his brand was created by him because he ensured to do things his way which has always made him happy. He mentioned that his only target is to make his fans happy so when he sees fellow artists crying on television, it is none of his concern.

What made my name and brand is that I’ve always done what makes me happy. What makes me happier is seeing my fans having fun… But if I see you on TV crying, that’s your business. We also have our business. You’ve your business, we have our business. Eddy Kenzo is my business.” He mentioned

Leticia Nambaziira

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