On Saturday 12th November 2022, Eddy Kenzo successfully held his long-anticipated festival at Kololo Airstrip. Everything was going great with all the other artists showing up on the stage, pulling off the most wonderful performances as they hyped the revelers in preparation to receive the star of the hour, Eddy Kenzo.

Singer Ibrahim Mayanja alias Big Eye Starboss was among the many musicians who were meant to entertain the crowd but instead, he resorted to fighting a Dj during fellow singer Eddy Kenzo’s festival at Kololo Airstrip.

Because there were so many artists lined up to perform at the event, each artist was assigned to perform a few songs in order to give others a chance to perform as well. Midway through Big Eye’s performance, he requested that the DJ rewind his new song, “husband material,” which the DJ refused.

The DJ was clear that this was because of the time accorded to each artist yet Big eye wanted to exceed his time limitation in the name of repeating his song. Because Dj Micheal was the next on the lineup, the DJ immediately played his Muko Muko song, leaving Big with a sour Looking face.

At this point, the enraged singer attacked the DJ, to put him in his proper place for disobeying his orders and ashaming him before such a large crowd.

It called for security intervention to restore peace at the podium, and Big Eye Starboss ,After Fighting the Dj During the Eddy Kenzo Festival was dragged off the stage.

Leticia Nambaziira

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