Jamaican superstar Beenie Man had a disappointing third return to Uganda after he performed for an underwhelming turn-up at a show that was organized by the famous Top Boy Entertainment Records.

The show that took place at Lugogo Cricket Oval had a list of international stars who were set to thrill revelers on the night including Beenie Man, Nigerian Oxlade Official, and South African entertainers Focalistic, Mellow, and Sleazy.

The show was designed to be a VIP concert that was highly charged from Shs150k and above. Nigerian singer Oxlade didn’t take to the stage stating that he had not been fully paid. Beenie Man, however, performed and put up an exhilarating show that got revelers excited whereas singing and grooving to most of his songs. As Beenie Man was about to conclude his set, he called out the show organizers for not setting a favorable concert that could cater to both the rich and poor people to attend.

He begun by thanking the event organizers for the good job since he appreciated all the efforts they had invested into the show. He however maintained that he always performs for the whole nation and every kinds of people, not just a section of a few revelers just like the organizers had slated it to be.

We need to sing for the rich, for the poor, and for everybody. I want to perform for all kinds of people and the nation at large not just a section of individuals. The organizers should next time set a better show.” He said

Leticia Nambaziira

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