TV presenter and wife to city Pastor Susan Makula believes you can’t just rely on love to build a long-lasting relationship. With Susan Nalwoga, aka Auntie Sue, and Parvin Senkubuge, the trio that co-hosts a show on relationships dubbed The Junction on Salt TV, they dug deep into the basis of a strong relationship and they all came to an agreement that Love alone would never be enough to build a strong relationship because money is importanter.

Pavin Senkubuge gave a simple piece of advise to many young girls who are in relationships simply based on the feeling called love to watch out because they needed to take care of their futures. She mentioned that men who only talked about love are immature and not ready to provide for a woman yet every woman needs a mature man in her life, one who is willing to provide for them and properly take care of all their needs.

“I need you to know that that little guy you are with, wasting your time because he is saying he loves you, you need a mature man in your life. You need to be loved right by a man who is going to take care of you, who is going to provide, who is going to shelter you. These things of, at least I love you, so I will work hard, are you mad?” said Pavin

Aunt Sue added that such men are majorly famous for promising women marriage yet the do not have any money on them. Suzan Makula then went ahead to mention that love would never fill a table, buy food or pay bills for that matter. She mentioned that however much people say money can never buy happiness, it can however buy all the things that could make someone happy.

Ah-ah… it’s not complete, money can’t buy happiness but you need money to buy all the things that you need to be happy.” She said.

Aunt Sue however cautioned every young person that is bent on dating that when choosing a partner to love, one must know what their love is based on and that is how a strong relationship can be built.

Leticia Nambaziira

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