Eddy kenzo breaking down in tears.
Eddy Kenzo at the presser before the festival, jovial.

Everything turned hillariously hysterical yesterday during a press conference at Fairway Hotel, when singer Eddy Kenzo, who had invited journalists to show gratitude for his recently sold out ‘Eddy Kenzo festival, broke down into tears claiming that his life is being targeted by unknown people around him.

During the press conference, the BET award winning artiste revealed that he is the most targeted and bashed artiste in Uganda despite him always mi ding his business. He then suddenly made of people currently targeting his life. To strain his point, he made reference to several legends that have been targeted and killed.

He made reference to the deaths of 2pac, Lucky Dube and Bob Marley, claiming that his prominence is making him a target of certain enemies, just like the above mentioned great musicians that came before him.

The things you see online don’t stop there. There are a lot of people being paid to kill me,” Kenzo added.

Kenzo, expressed utmost pain and discontent over many people that want to see him fail, making various political fueds, that suggested people being after him over his political connects. At the climax of the explosion, Kenzo broke down into tears to the shock of the entire room full of journalists.

Kenzo’s outburst of all his political situations prompted journalists to ask about Bobi Wine. In response, Kenzo said he does not wish to talk about the NUP leader. Many believe this is because of the fear of being clobbered by the Principal’s ever alert fans. The relationship between both parties seem to be strained at the moment as it is suspected that a huge chunk of Kenzo’s wailing and woes stem from social media pressure that targets his political choices and correctness.

Leticia Nambaziira

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