bryan white and Weasel
Lady Mariam

The now defunct Bryan White Foundation was started in 2015 and it was set out to create breakthrough solutions for financial, agricultural, sports and health service problems for people. Headed by Brian Kirumira, a.k.a Bryan White, the foundation recruited several public figures including artists, comedians, media personalities, and socialites as ambassadors.

Right from the likes of Chameleone, Zari Hassan, Weasel, Big Eye Starboss, among others, the foundation was star-studded and attracted lots of attention from the public. There were also a lot of conspiracies about the Foundation in question as many claimed that it was only used by Bryan White to lure innocent and mo ey hungry girls so as to solicit for sex from them while paying them large amounts of money to silence them.

It, however, collapsed when Bryan White was involved in a sex scandal in 2019 but it was allegedly already losing its way before that. According to lady Mariam famously known as Tindatiine, a lot had been happening behind the scenes that even got their contracts canceled. During an interview on the Mwasuze Mutya show, she said that Weasel always came late for work, something that always annoyed Bryan White.

She mentioned that the work that was expected of them was never hectic as all they had to do was appear in uniform, sign the attendance log book and get involved in activities of the foundation. She mentioned that they signed contracts with the organization but they were unfortunately canceled even before the first month elapsed and it was all because Weasel was not cooperating.

All Bryan White wanted was that you show up at the office wearing a uniform and sign into the attendance book. If there were activities to do, we were expected to be involved. He wanted to put us on a monthly salary of Shs5m but we signed the contracts and they were canceled before the end of the first month. We were chased, I will never forgive Weasel. He always arrived late and that always made the big man really annoyed.” She said.

Leticia Nambaziira

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