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Wonders shall never end! Rapper Victor kamenyo and girlfriend Ruth Akoragye rekindle their romantic relationship.

Rapper Katongole Derick and his girlfriend Akoragye Ruth have reportedly decided to let bygones be bygones as they recently ironed out their indifferences and rekindled their spicy and romantic relationship.

Following Kamenyo’s cheating allegations a few months back, Akoragye Ruth found the exit from rapper Victor Kamenyo’s life and before she went, she made sure to break his phone, leaving it in pieces. The video of their break up was recorded by an onlooker and it went viral, spreading like a wild bush fire.

Despite Kamenyo pleading with Ruth to find a soft spot in her heart and forgive him, the latter turned a deaf ear to the rapper’s outcry. He even went head to send over gifts in a bid to be forgiven but all his pleas fell on deaf ears. Ruth swore never to go back to an immature man like him.

As a result, Kamenyo released a song titled Nakukoowa, which appeared to be directed at Ruth. The song in question had her name in the lyrics, something she did not feel good about. In retaliation, Akoragye gave Kamenyo two days to remove her name from his song or face being dragged to a court. Their saga, however, lost momentum, and the most recent reports on our news desk indicate that the two have put behind their indifferences to rekindle their romance.

Based on the videos cited by Netizens and social media in-laws, Victor Kamenyo was seen in the company of his lover Ruth as he graced his mother’s master’s degree graduation ceremony, and the couple appeared happy together and enjoying each other’s company.

Other videos that have come forth are of rapper Victor Kamenyo and Ruth Akoragye Angora as they were filmed having fun at Cash Bar in Entebbe. In videos shared on the bar’s TikTok page, the duo is seen hugging each other while sweetly smiling, enjoying the moment.

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