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Ugandan singer Eddy Kenzo is in more tears after a court of law banned him from performing or organizing a music show or concert anywhere in the country until a pending case filed by an events manager, organizer and promoter has been disposed of and determine by a judge.

The case starts from the singer’s mega Eddy Kenzo Festival held at the Kololo Independence Grounds in the capital Kampala. Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja was the chief guest at the concert that attracted tens of thousands of music lovers and earned Eddy Kenzo hundreds of millions of Uganda Shillings.

The sad news however is that music promoter and organizer identified as Luba Events dragged Eddy Kenzo to court, accusing him of breaching a contract he had signed with him. Luba Events claims that he suffered losses to the tune of Shs800m in preparations for a concert that never took place in 2020 because of the restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of Covid19.

Luba Events then claimed that they had allegedly agreed with Eddy Kenzo that a concert will be organized for the artiste after the pandemic so that the events promoter and organizer can recover the money he had injected in the preparations. From the same event, Luba Events was supposed to pay Eddy Kenzo about Shs140m.

But in a twist that reportedly shocked Luba Events, Eddy Kenzo sought the services of another events promoter to organize another concert, throwing Luba Events under the bus even after the big loss they experienced before. After the successful Eddy Kenzo concert, Luba Events revealed they had sued the BET award winner for the breaching their contract.

It is based on this that Justice Juliet Nakitende of the High Court in Kampala has issued an interim order banning Eddy Kenzo from performing or organizing any show or concert until this issue gets fully solved

An interim order is issued restraining the Respondent, his agents, workmen, assignees, managers, promoters and anyone claiming under him from purporting to perform the Eddy Kenzo Festival or any musical shows/events/festival anywhere in the Republic of Uganda, until the determination of substantive Application for a Temporary Injunction vide Miscellaneous Application No. 1572 of 2022. The costs of this application abide by the outcome of the main cause” the order read.

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