the naked pastor In the bedroom
caught redhanded during the ritual

There is drama on social media that is causing a buzz after a man believed to be from Zambia got a shock of his life after he returned home only to find his pregnant senorita who has been identified with one name as Martha doing the unthinkable with a man of God.

Apparently, Martha was sneaked upon serving her goodies to this particular man of God whom according to rumors had helped her conceive by the power of the Holy Spirit.

According to a Facebook page called ‘Zambia online’, Martha was barren and the Congolese pastor helped in making her pregnant. Netizens are now wondering whether it was really prayers that got Martha pregnant or it was the Pastor’s joystick that did the deed upon instructions from the Lord himself.

It is said that Martha invited the Congolese pastor who lit the bedroom with candles and other juju to perform the last ritual for safe delivery. No one expected her husband to return home quite early and find them in the middle of the ritual but well, he did.

The pastor pleaded for Mercy as Martha was left speechless, sweating chunks of coal. The man could not believe that his wife was going at it with a pastor and he definitely was wondering what to do next after finding out about this kind of betrayal.

Martha tried to make an escape but the husband was too quick for her antics as he closed the door and told her to seat and explain what he was seeing all over the floor. What an interesting World!

Leticia Nambaziira

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