Shakira Shakira holding reign at zero distance
Shakira Shakira holding Reign’s data cable

Singer Shakira Shakira is a Ugandan based in the . She is a singer, songwriter, and actress and Reign is a comedian who works with Alex Muhangi’s Comedy as he does personal gigs as well.

The Maulana and Reign comedy duo’s comedian Reign and singer Shakira Shakira Ug’s photos have caused a stir on social media. Many Netizens have been left dumbfounded and confused about the real relationship between these two parties.

On Thursday, November 17, 2022, netizens awoke to beautiful photos of Shakira Shakira Ug and Reign making the rounds on social media. The posts started from Instagram but have already spread like a wild fire across many more different social sites as well as media websites.

In the photos, the pair is seen holding onto each other like they are each other’s last ray of hope. They are captured trying different multiple poses but in a zero distance stance. Shakira Shakira is seen wearing a red and skimpy outfit that reveals most of her thighs while Reign is tucked in a suit, looking all glamorous.

The photo that has excited Netizens the most is one where Shakira stands behind Reign but her hand is clearly resting on the ‘data cable’ of the former. It is clearly unmistaken as the photo is definitely very clearly edited to reveal exactly where her hand rests. Reign however maintains a calm face in the picture.

It should be recalled that the same Shakira Shakira left fellow singer David Lutalo with a bulge in his pants after she wiggled Nyash all over his torso during a performance. The photos of the pair getting cozy have already solicited mixed reactions from internet users, with some speculating that the two could be having a fling.

Others, on the other hand, believe the two are working on a musical project. However, we must wait for the truth to emerge and we shall keep you posted.

Leticia Nambaziira

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