Robert kayanja Je on one knee
Pastor jessica blessing the pair.
The engagement band

Just as almost everyone had anticipated, Robert Kayanja Junior, son to head pastor at Miracle Center Cathedral , Robert Kayanja has brought home a Mzungu lady to be his partner for eternity. This has been a positive development for Miracle Centre’s Pastor Robert Kayanja Jr as he has taken his taken things a not h higher by taking the very first step towards legalizing his relationship with his long-term girlfriend who was identified as Marlena Gailis.

On Friday night, he proposed to his heartbeat Marlena in a very romantic setting with a brightly lit ‘Marry me’ in the background. She did not delay in expressing her desire as she immediately said yes to the gentleman who had gone down on one knee. In her statement, she stated that she intended to spend the rest of her life with the son of Pastor Robert Kayanja.

Kayanja Jr. and his wife to be, were immediately dedicated to the Almighty by his mother, Pastor Jessica Kayanja who was very elated about the entire proposal ceremony. They were seen holding hands and their heads bowed down in prayer as they took their first step into a holy and peaceful life together.

His father Robert Kayanja took to his social media platforms to give the union a stamp of approval saying he is all in on this and he blessed the union of the pair.

My son went down on one knee. I am all in on this! Love you both.” He captioned the pictures.

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