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Alien Skin is one of the most promising rising artists in the country. With a number of hit songs to his . It is a wonder that an upcoming artist has managed to go an extra mile and have a number of hit songs to his name and it is amaizing that in such a short period of time, the singer has made a big impact in the music industry with his music.

Alien Skin’s unique style has captured the interest of many revelers as they talk about it and how he has carefully incorporated a new style into his songs, giving listeners a brand new experience with his music. Not only has his music caught the attention of fans all around but also fellow musicicans and this has seen him gaining the support of very many big shots who wish to see him land big gigs and be the next big thing.

He has also caused a great debate online that his fresh musical style has seen artists like Grenade , who had died down in the gutter adjust to it and become successful in their recent projects like Mbuzi na Nte, and Babandana among others.

It is no secret that Alien Skin has had a big part on the change in Grenade’s music path, or well Atleast that is how fans have perceived it. Alien Skin is now openly bragging about how he has inspired Grenade Official.

During an interview with Galaxy FM’s Morning Saga crew, he went ahead to mention that he has inspired artists like Grenade Official who have gone ahead to copy his style and they ended up getting hit songs

“I have inspired artists like Grenade. They are copying my style and getting hit songs.” He said.

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