A joyous Robinah Nabbanja
Prime Minister Nabbanja

The Prime Minister Hon. Robinah Nabbanja has ensured the release of a 40-year-old widow of seven children, who was jailed for six months over a debt that went wrong on her side.

Gertrude Nalule was sent to jail after she failed to clear damages and costs to a total of 2.8 million from a loan her neighbor gave her in 2019. The Nateete-Lubaga magistrate’s court handed her the sentence after losing a case filed against her by the who is identified as Godfery Bazaale.

Bazaale gave Nalule 7 million shillings during the 2019-20 lockdown but she failed to pay it back. As a result, he demanded she gives him her plot of land in Namugoona-Kigobe zone at a cost of 10 million shillings as payment for the loan.

Nalule had the bought land eight years ago using the condolence money she collected at her husband’s funeral so she declined to sell off the land . After she declined to sell the land to Bazaale, he dragged her to court which ruled that she was to pay a sum of 2.88 million in damages.

Nalule was sent to jail at Luzira prison where Hon. Nabbanja rescued her after clearing the 2.8 million shillings. The Prime Minister on Monday met with judicial officials at the Mengo Chief Magistrates Court where she castigated the presiding magistrate in the case for ruling unfairly against the widow.

In the presence of Kampala minister Hajjati Minsa Kabanda and Attorney General representatives, Grade one Magistrate Amon Mugezi failed to place the facts in the case. Nabbanja also took her time and went to Luzira where she interacted with Nalule and other prisoners after paying off the debt to let Nalule go free.

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