Bad Black

Ten years ago, according to records,Bad Black had a Rhinoplasty, which is commonly called a nose job, in which her nose was medically reconstructed to give her a ‘kinyarwanda‘ look. It seems like she has not had enough of the surgeries as she disclosed that she is preparing to go back i to the surgery room, this time for something bigger and hotter.

During an interview with MC Ibrah Mukasa, the socialite revealed that she wants to have her nose redone as it has started increasing in size on the sides.

She went ahead and thanked her past surgeons for doing a great job, especially on her nose but she mentioned that apart from having her nose redone, she also now wants to have her hips, butt, and stomach done to give her the perfect shape of a coca cola bottle.

Bad Black revealed that she is not free enough to hit the gym in order to work out for her butt so she would rather opt for a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) surgery to achieve a perfect butt.

“I have no time to go to the gym yet I know where to find surgeons. I want to work on my hips, and stomach and enlarge my butt,” Bad Black said.

She noted that she is doing all that just to feel comfortable in her clothes and that she has always wanted to do so. Bad Black mentioned that she has not been forced into this and that she is only doing everything to keep herself happy and comfortable.

She also mentioned that she is not worried about the cost of the BBL surgery and is ready to invest about USD20,000 to achieve her body goals.

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