Bruno Kiggundu must be the proudest father earth has ever seen. Recently, his daughter had an ambassadorial deal with Imperial leather, a soap which she was paid highly for and she clearly became one of the youngest earners in Uganda.

Ever since she lost her mother, she was taken under the wing of NTV news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe who has raised her and tirelessly nurtured her . Faridah and Bruno share an unclear bond as many people speculate the two are lovers however much they deny it and Menton that they are just friendship.

The Young girl, Briella Kiggundu, has yet again sealed an ambassadorial deal with a clothing company. The news was shared by her father on his social media handles. In the picture Bruno shared, his close ‘friend’, Nakazibwe, who took up the mother role in the young girl’s life following the death of her mother in 2021, signed the papers on her behalf.

Upon this, internet users asked Bruno K to treat Nakazibwe as a great friend because he is so lucky to have someone who takes care of his daughter as if she was his own. They also asked Bruno the kind of secret weapon he uses inorder to land such great people in his life.

You are so lucky to have a friend like Faridah,” a one Mataka Junior said.

Very many people went ahead to congratulate the little princess as they praised Nakazibwe who was tirelessly working to support her needs and constantly showering her with love.

Congratulations to baby Briella. Thanks goes to mum Faridah. May God bless her,” Jackie Whitny wrote.

Others went ahead to advise Bruno to handle Faridah like a very delicate item because no other woman would ever treat his child like she has.

“I swear Bruno, Faridah has to be handled like an egg, no woman can love your kid like Faridah, blessings Faridah,” Sarah Muyama wrote.

Congratulations Briella Kiggundu.

Leticia Nambaziira

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