When Prima and Geosteady broke up two years ago, Prima moved on and started dating Galaxy FM presenter, Arinaitwe Henry aka Mr. Henrie, while Geosteady was involved in an affair which ended in him getting a son.

The pair was so bitter at each other that they turned social media into their bickering headquarters. Prima would sting Geosteady by telling him he is not the kids’ father and that he was too ugly to father such wonderful babies.

It is recalled that she also called him a dead beat father and mentioned that he had no right to see her children without the permission of her new hubby, Mr. Henrie who had taken up the father duties to the kids. They got some misunderstandings with Mr. Henrie and Prima found herself running back into the arms of her ex lover and baby daddy, Geosteady.

Primah dumped Henrie and deleted all his photos from her social media pages. She later mentioned that he was too good for her and that she did not deserve a man like him. Geosteady welcomed the news and started pushing for the re-union

On Wednesday, socialite Ndagire Prima aka Prima Kardashi and singer Hassan Kigozi made their reunion public. The two happily announced about how they are ready to let go of the past and give their relationship a second chance. Many netizens have been left dumbfounded while some are really happy to hear about the reunion between Geosteady and Prima.

Prima went ahead to mention that she would do everything Geosteady wants her to do, even if it means changing her own religion.

Whatever Hajji decides, that is what I will do. If he says that I should change my name and have an Islamic one, that is what I will do,” Prima vowed.

Geosteady also went ahead and applauded his baby mama’s ex-lover , FM presenter, Arinaitwe Henry aka Mr. Henrie for supporting Prima.

“I name him the best person because he has always supported Prima in everything she does,”.

Leticia Nambaziira

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