Netizens were left speechless when the quite unexpected happened. Karole Kasita appeared on camera with a baby bump! This was just the good news everyone was waiting for.

For a woman like Karole Kasita, music was always the only thing she spoke about in the media and so no one knew anything about a man or about her love life. Karole was linked to fellow musician Fefe Busi because of the earlier on publicity stunt they had pulled to pull attention to their collabo.

When Netizens réaliséd Karole kasita had a baby bump, everyone was dying to know who the baby’s father was. Some even went ahead to ask directly in the comment section of a post she had made about who the baby daddy is but Karole told them to mind their business because she would never disclose who he is.

The diva who is around 6 months pregnant has been working tirelessly to put food on the table, leaving many of her fans worried. She was expected to put a temporary stop to her performances due to her pregnancy but it seems like she is not ready to do that.

I am not leaving the stage anytime soon. I will perform until I can’t. I want to secure the bag. I will perform till the day I will give birth.” Karole Kasita said.

Karole Kasita has a number of events coming up where she is required to perform and among them is the biggest end-of-year bash, Galaxy Fm’s Zzina Fest alongside other artists like Eddy Kenzo, Fik Fmaeica, B2C, and others.

Once Karole Kasita delivers her baby, she will qualify to the long list of musicians to have defied the odd, ate things live and put to bed.

Leticia Nambaziira

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