Geosteady and Prima Kardashi are swinging on cloud 20 ever since they rejuvenated their old romance. After the bitter seperation, the two exchanged bitter words all over the internet and they had a few concerned Netizens butting in and taking sides on who was the victim and who was the oppressor.

But just like the famous saying goes, ‘Learn to mind your business’, Geosteady and Prima taught their followers that valuable lesson when they decided to rekindle the old flames.

They recently rekindled their relationship after parting ways in October 2020 following eight years together and since their making up, the couple has been glued to each other like they never separated.

Geosteady went ahead to thank Mr. Henrie for having been their to nurse Prima’s wounds after they seperates. He thanked the radio personality for having stood by Prima and supporting her in all her endeavours. He also went ahead to call him the best person he had ever seen.

Well, recently, Geosteady also announced that he is now Prima Kardashi’s new manager. He went ahead to assure everyone that she is safe in his hands and asked everyone that in case of anything related to Prima, the first person that should be contacted should be him as he is responsible for her.

“I am her manager. If you want anything, contact me,” he said

Prima Kardashi has also taken it upon herself to support her current hubby who has a concert in December this year. She has been asking her followers to support the “Dine With Geosteady” concert in late December this year. This surely must be love on the brain.

Leticia Nambaziira

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