Singers Nina Roz and Daddy Andre enjoyed a lavish ceremony as they expressed their love for each other, right after Daddy Andre had seperated from his lover Angela Katatumba. They went ahead to sing a collabo together as a couple which was also produced by Daddy Andre. It was not the only song however as they went ahead to make more beautiful music.

Issues arose however with Nina Roz also being criticised for using drugs and saying she needed immediate therapy. Daddy Andre immediately fled the crime scene and did not look back but instead went on to live his life.

Nina Roz faced more backlash than Daddy Andre ever did and she suddenly disappeared even from the musical scene. Nina however made a come back and of course hit the studio with none other than Daddy Andre.

There were hopes of their reunion as rumors circulated that they were in the studio recording music but unfortunately for all who hoped for a reunion, Nina Roz immediately shunned the rumors and mentioned that her relationship with Daddy Andre already went down the drain and she was not planning on rekindling it any time.

While appearing on Galaxy FM’s Morning Saga, Nina Roz confirmed she closed her chapter with Daddy Andre and there was clearly no hope whatsoever to return to the good old days with him. She mentioned that the relationship between them is strictly proffesional and they are just two people who want to produce good music together.

That is a closed chapter. I don’t want to talk about it,” she said.

Nina Roz has not paraded any new boyfriend since breaking up with Daddy Andre, it seems she took a break from dating.

Leticia Nambaziira

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