Multiple Award winner and Grammy nominee Edirisa Musuuza also known as Eddy Kenzo has come out to brag about his rare nature and very lovable character as he mentioned how every girl would like to have him as a boyfriend or Atleast have someone similar to him as a lover.

Eddy Kenzo has been in the music industry for more than 10 years but throughout his career, he has got two children from one woman. After having seperates from his baby mama Rema, he has never found love again as he has not paraded an official bae yet.

However much his fans urged him to move on just like Rema had moved on to her next catch Dr. Hamza, he mentioned that he was under no pressure to date as he has a career to focus on. One of his children’s mother is not known while another child is from Rema who he had cohabited with for more than five years.

On the verge of his marriage with Rema ending, Eddy Kenzo had been rumored to be dating singer Lydia Jazmine after the two appeared on different occasions together. He however rubbished the rumors, mentioning that she was just a close friend of his whom he loved and respected a lot. But after the marriage ended, he didn’t continue with Lydia Jazmine and he has been portraying himself as single.

However, Eddy Kenzo revealed that he hasn’t failed to get a woman because they don’t want him but he thinks it’s not the right time for him to start dating, after all, he is every girl’s dream boyfriend.

Honestly speaking, I’m the kind of boyfriend every girl deserves. I am still single because it’s not yet time but once it’s time you will see my woman” Eddy Kenzo said

Leticia Nambaziira

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