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Geosteady mentions that he and baby mama Prima Kardash are back together because of their kids.

Singer Hassan Kigozi alias Geosteady has revealed how his reunion with Prima Kardashi is in the best interest of their vhildren and not solely for the selfish interest if themselves as the adults. Geosteady and Prima Kardashi broke up in 2020 after several attempts to stick together despite the troubles their relationship was facing.

According to Geosteady, Prima was disrespectful and violent and on many occasions he found himself being battered by her even when he was the man of the house. On the other hand, Prima claimed that the singer was a cheat as well as a deadbeat father to their children, hence why they couldn’t stay together any longer.

A lot has happened since they broke up; with Geosteady moving on into another relationship with Hindu Kay and bearing a son in that relationship, and Prima also jumping into a new relationship with Mr. Henrie
In the past recent weeks, however, the world has witnessed a reunion between the two longtime lovers after Prima decided to dump Henrie claiming that he was too good for her and she had just been using him to recover from the heartbreak that Geosteady had left behind. They recently publicly revealed that they are indeed back together.

The singer mentioned that there are so many reasons why they decided to get back together including the fact that they have two children together. He went ahead to shed light on the matter, saying their seperation had been too much on the kids and it had affected them hence the elders decided to undo the pain they had caused to their children.

After Prima featuring in the music video of Geosteady’s new song dubbed ‘Sembera’, he put a post up on his social media mentioning that he was greatful for the project they worked on together and me tiones how they did this for their kids and so they had each other’s backs.

Mama SO I’m proud we made this for the best of us and my kids. Prima Kadarshi I promise this music project SEMBERA will yield a lot for us so long as I stand as Geosteady in this industry. I got you coz you got me,” he wrote on social media

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