TV personality Diana Nabatanzi is one of the most beautiful females on screen in Uganda. Not only does she have a beautiful face but God also blessed her with a killer body. According to all the info we gathered, Nabatanzi has been romantically linked to several men, but apparently,marriage as she says is out of sight for now.

There was a time when Diana was dating businessman Emmanuel Lwasa who tried to use his quick moves on her as he tried to put a leash on her and tried to marry her but she it is alleged that she played games with him until he gave up on the idea of marrying her and he decided to flee the crime scene.

According to Lwasa, Diana was still joking around despite being at the right age to marry. He mentioned that she did not want to settle and she also always dodged the conversation of bearing children for Lwasa, something he wanted to badly but could not get because Diana was not willing to.

He mentioned that he felt it safer to retire from the relationship with her considering that they did not have similar goals. Diana said she was not looking for marriage while responding to a question by a journalist who was asking her when she will get married.

She mentioned to the journalist that she only talks of things she sees in sight and she has no desire to discuss things she does not see herself doing any time soon. This is when she mentioned that marriage was still very far off so she did not see the need to discuss such a topic.

“I don’t like to discuss things that are out of reach. I have no plans to get married anytime soon. When I plan for such an arrangement, the public will know, but just know it’s not close,” she elaborated.

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