Musician Rema Namakula has upgraded her ride and , she is now cruising in a brand new Toyota Landcruiser V8 UBM series (which is a 2020 model by the way). According to info gathered by this site, the car is valued at about Ugx 350M.

Just like it happened with Martha Kay, the debate online is whether she actually purchased the car herself or it was actually just a gift from her beloved hubby Dr. Hamza Ssebunya. Many fans of Rema came out to explain that it is possible that she bought the ride herself since she has been always booked throughout the year to perform at different concerts hence they believe she saved enough money to purchase a new car.

There is however a section of fans that believe she could never afford this car however much it is recalled that she had been selling off most of her stuff when she got hitched to Dr. Hamza so some of her fans claim that she can’t afford such a car because it is ridiculously expensive. They allege that her generous husband gifted her the car.

Rema’s husband, Ssebunya works as a medical practitioner and owns a hospital in Jinja so it is said that the hospital brings in a lot of money and so it is highly possible that he was able to get his wifey the beautiful new ride everyone is setting eyes on.

Another debate that has started up on the internet is about how Rema’s new ride has a very big resemblance with Rema’s Ex, Eddy Kenzo’s car! Netizens were quick to spot that the new car looks exactly like Kenzo’s car with only a difference in color. Some have even gone ahead to mention that Rema intended to get the matching cars in order draw closer to Kenzo.

Leticia Nambaziira

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